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Benefits of Using a Home Loan Specialist

Choice of Lenders

Imagine making an appointment at your local bank, taking time off work to see their lender during bank hours only to find out that your bank doesn't want to lend you the money to buy your next home! Whether it's because you haven't been in your job long enough or don't have enough savings or you've had trouble with your credit history in the past, how would you feel? Disappointed I'm sure.

Now imagine you see a home loan specialist who has over 30 lenders to choose from, at your home, at a convenient time to you, who can identify and explore the right options for you AND find you the best loan. 

Brokers Do the Legwork

Finding you the right loan is just the beginning. Once we take a loan application and you provide us with the supporting documentation like income verification, savings, repayment history on current borrowings, we submit the loan on your behalf to the lender, we track the loan and provide you with regular progress updates right up until the loan settles.


It's always good to know BEFORE you go house hunting that you will qualify for a home loan. questions you might need to answer to a real estate agent are "How much will you be borrowing for this home", "Do you have genuine savings?", "have you got a Pre-Approval letter from your bank?".

This tells the agent whether you are a good risk for the seller to accept your offer to buy and there is little likelyhood of the deal falling over. Something that no-one wants to see happen

So to increase your chances of buying that dream home, before you head out to look at "Open for Inspections", make sure you know how much you can borrow, what your repayments are likely to be, how much deposit you have and that you are Pre-qualified.

We don't charge for our Home Loan Advice

Not all mortgage brokers offer a FREE service to their clients, we do though! You see, we get paid commission by the lender once your loan settles. So we don't want to charge a fee for our service AND get paid by the lender. So you win by getting expert advice, access to all of our panel of lenders, your loan application processed on your behalf and even Pre-qualified if you want it.


Case Study:

Clint and Mel are a young couple with 2 pre-school aged children and they wanted to buy the home they had been renting for the past couple of years. They only had a small deposit and along with the First Home Owners Grant they were able to scrape together enough funds for the purchase.

Mel had only just returned to work after being on maternity leave so we were limited with the number of lenders we could go to as most wanted her to be back at work for several months. We needed to use her income along with Clint's to show they could afford the loan.

Mel also had a default on her credit file from 3 years ago when she got into trouble paying her phone bill. So we set about finding them a lender who would consider both issues, which we managed to do.

They purchased the home and recently we caught up to go through their finances to see if they can go ahead with some minor renovations they have planned for their home.


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